Moving Thru Stained Glass
— The Maple Poems

by Lyn Lifshin
Paperback, staple-stiched, 36 pages

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ISBN-10: 1940996732
ISBN-13: 978-1940996738

Moving Thru


sometimes it's like
the way light moves
thru stained glass
or jars of honey
or maple syrup,
turning the gray
Monday bright,
pulling beauty
thru the room,
turning whatever
moves thru
it magical.


Moving Thru Stained Glass-The Maple Poems explores the sweet, sticky, and stunningly colorful world of the maple tree. Moving through the stained glass of "violet, amber, and rubies on flame", Lifshin explores the discovery of maple syrup by the Iroquois and Algonquins, taps into her own childhood memories, and follows the transformation of the seasons through "burnt copper" and "ice crystals" to the clanging of sap buckets and "sun-colored juice".




There are very few poets who can engage all five senses the way Lyn Lifshin can. In this succinct but powerful chapbook collection, the titles alone (“Violet, Amber, and Rubies in Flame,” “Under the Sugar Moon, “Already Imagining Hot Cider Steaming”) are brimming with sounds and scents, and every poem contains Lifshin’s trademark swirls of sensuality. Here, she uses the metaphor of maple to convey both memory and melancholia, but there is enough sweetness to make the reader taste joy as well. The words “moving thru stained glass” are fitting to describe these diamond-hard and prismatically colorful poems. Lyn Lifshin continues to amaze me with the quantity and quality of her diverse collections of poetry, which is why she continues to be one of my favorite poets. Brava to the publisher, NightBallet Press, for their beautiful presentation of Lyn Lifshin’s lovely, hypnotic poems, and thank you to Lyn for keeping the contemporary poetry canon thriving. — Amazon reviewer

In her latest book, Moving thru Stained Glass--The Maple Poems, Ms. Lifshin brings us every shade of emotion. Beauty, cold, warmth, certainty and doubt are cast in phrasing distinctively Lifshin. These are predictably special poems that will call the reader back again and again. — Amazon reviewer

Lyn Lifshin

bio photo by Jae Robinson, used with permission