by Lyn Lifshin

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ISBN: 978-0692729953

Intense and charmingly erotic, this new volume from Lyn Lifshin explores female personas including Enheduanna and Leda’s daughter. In this collection, Lifshin’s ‘barbaric yawp’ asserts its independence once again. This series of poems claims unfamiliar territory for the” queen of the small presses”. #AliveLikeALoadedGun is a stunning poetic journey brought to life by Transcendent Zero Press.

Publisher: Transcendent Zero Press;
1 edition (June 15, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 069272995X

ISBN-13: 978-0692729953





Lyn Lifshin has published  over 130 books and chapbooks including 3 from Black Sparrow Press: Cold Comfort, Before It's Light and Another Woman Who Looks Like Me. Before Secretariat: The Red Freak, The Miracle, Lifshin published her prize winning book about the short lived beautiful race horse Ruffian, The Licorice Daughter: My Year With Ruffian and  Barbaro: Beyond Brokenness.  Recent books include Ballroom, All the Poets Who Have Touched Me, Living and Dead. All True, Especially The Lies, Light At the End: The Jesus Poems, Katrina, Mirrors, Persephone, Lost In The Fog,  Knife Edge & Absinthe: The Tango Poems.  NYQ books published A Girl Goes into The Woods. Also  just out: For the Roses poems after Joni Mitchell and Hitchcock Hotel from Danse Macabre. Secretariat: The Red Freak, The Miracle.  And Tangled as the Alphabet,-- The Istanbul Poems from NightBallet Press Just released as well Malala,   the dvd of Lyn Lifshin: Not Made of Glass. The Marilyn Poems was just released from Rubber Boots Press. An update to her Gale Research Autobiography is out: Lips, Blues, Blue Lace: On The Outside. Also just out is a dvd of the documentary film about her: Lyn Lifshin: Not Made Of Glass. Just out: Femme Eterna  and Moving Through Stained Glass: the Maple Poems. Forthcoming: Degas Little Dancer and Winter Poems from Kind of a Hurricane Press, Paintings and Poems, from Tangerine Press (just out)  and The Silk Road from Night Ballet, #AliveLikeALoadedGun from Transcendent Zero Press.


Beautiful Words For The Future "Patient as she is/beautiful, she is also/courageous, will/make you ache to/hear her sing....." Lyn Lifshin writes about Rhiannon The Horse Goddess, and the same could be said of her and her poetry as we turn each page of her book #LiveLikeALoadedGun, longing for more and more of her beautiful words. Her descriptions of immortalized women like the Ice Maiden, the Celtic Bird Goddesses, Leda and the Swan and Enheduanna, the first female to sign her name to a poem, make us remember the higher parts of ourselves that dance and dare and enter mythological realms with ease, alive, always aspiring to more than we've created before, alive, afire, and ready for the future. — Christina Zawadiwsky

Sample poems


her curves, graceful 
as the crane, a slim 
beauty. Some believe 
she arose from the 
fantastic Other World 
along with fairies 
and elves. Her eyes, 
emerald, skin pale as 
any sea bird darting 
thru foam, delicate as
foam. Crows and 
ravens braid anklets 
of darkness around her 
thighs. Displease her 
and her eyes glower, 
eagle-fierce. Peacock-
like, a symbol of 
purity, she is like a 
heron, mating for life, 
an ouzel, small but 
tenacious. Her feathers 
charm and disarm, 
ribbons of 
feathers linked 
to ancient mysteries



her image in clay, 
she is dancing 
with other women 
with egg shaped bodies. 
In her house, pomegranates, 
the fruit of the dead. 
Where new fresh 
life waits in 
the womb of 
the divine feminine, 
blossoming stems 
of vegetation 
sprout from her hands

Editor-in-Chief of Harbinger Asylum 
and founder of Transcendent Zero Press,


(c) 2016 Lyn Lifshin. All Rights Reserved